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Welcome to Gensic Creative Metals On-Line!


Owners Dan Lomont, Jeannine Moyer and Fred Coffee (centered) with Fort Wayne Mayor Graham 
Richards (left) and former Fort Wayne Mayor Paul Helmke (right) at the 1999 Business Awards Breakfast.

   Gensic Creative Metals is a custom sheet metal fabrication and installation facility that provides a wide variety of quality commercial and industrial products and services.  We are a rapid-response company offering solutions to difficult industrial problems.

   G.C.M. creates specialty metal and plastic products ranging from simple machine guards to complex pollution control systems.  We have transformed artistic inspirations into notable pieces of art as well as the design and fabrication of a variety of prototypes as a solutions to all kinds of manufacturing needs. But we are most known for the fabrication and installation of various kinds of duct, ventilation and environmental friendly collection systems as well as our specialty in stainless steel fabricated products used in the Food Handling industry.

   The Gensic name has been known throughout the sheet metal industry for more than forty years.  When, in 1959, John and Dorotha Gensic (founders of Gensic Sheet Metal) started providing service to the Industrial Community.  Through their hard work, fast service, attention to quality, and ethical business practices, the couple turned their simple family duct shop into the respected specialty sheet metal facility that serviced the majority of the community's industrial companies.

    Upon the dissolution of that company, two former employees, Jeannine Moyer and Dan Lomont, both in management positions for a number of years, along with Patricia Coffee (a former business owner herself) decided to continue sheet metal service to the community.  Thus, with the help of their families, Gensic Creative Metals was established and began the operations in 1999.   

    And, in keeping with John and Dorotha spirit of fairness, hard work, and high standards, G.C.M. will continue to use their name with admiration and pride while our family business continues to service the community for the next 40 plus years.


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